Happy Fall

It is my favorite time of year!

I absolutely love Fall. The cool, crisp air and beautiful colors inspire me.

Check out this mantel that I decorated. It is very simple but with a splash of color and a few pumpkins it warms up this space and brings Fall inside.
You do not have to do much, actually less is better so that you can easily keep your other decor in place while adding to it. The wreath is from Magnolia Homes and works well with the Fall season. Add some tall candle holders and candles that flicker for a beautiful setting. I like to lean a mirror against a stacked stone fireplace to add height and to break up all of the stone.

I also love adding something around the bottom of the fireplace (hearth if you have one) It is so fun to dress up this space. I used a wooden riser, and spray painted these pumpkins silver and white to match the decor in the room. There are several items in the room with the metal galvanized coloring so adding a pumpkin that ties that together is a great way to keep the decor in the room flowing. I also added some picks of flowers with the autumn colors.

This home has lots of cotton throughout so I love having the cotton accent on the table to maintain that look throughout the home.

The best place to enjoy Fall weather, on a porch of course! I absolutely love outdoor living and enjoying a porch this time of year is my Favorite! I love to keep pillow covers for all seasons and use the same inserts. This is the most cost efficient way to add throw pillows to all of the living spaces. Burnt orange and indigo blue are a great pairing and to keep with this homes theme, I continue to use the cream pillows and cotton. You can see a little piece of that on the gorgeous Jack Daniels barrel. I know this puppy loves being outside and enjoying this porch also. #maltipoo #puppy-love

Here is another fun tip. When the seasons change, make sure that you are changing out your coffee table decor as well. Keep it simple by adding in a few pumpkins (again keeping with this homes decor I used the galvanized pumpkins) and cotton. You can use things that you have around your current home and just add a few simple pumpkins and it will make a great centerpiece for either a coffee table, dining table, or outdoor kitchen table. I got this awesome table at #headspringsdepot. The barrel lazy susan is from #riversidefranklin.

WOW just WOW! I love this dining room and this centerpiece is just Fabulous! All you need is a tray (this one is metal). I added different textured balls, burlap, knotted, cotton balls, etc. Then I added some Fall foliage. Don’t you love the way this pops on the dining room table? Now when company walks in the front door they will see Fall all the way through this home.

Happy Fall Y’ALL!

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